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29 September 2022

Digitalization Block 1

10:00 am
> Tibor Pap
Digitisation in SMEs. What is possible and practicable?
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    Digitalization makes many things faster and the economic pressure is also increasing. How can New Work and digital concepts help to make SMEs fit for the future?

10:30 am
> Dr. Heidrun Faninger-Lund
Finland's health and social care sector in transformation - opportunities for digitalization
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    The aim of the reform in Finland is a seamless integration of health and social services. It is intended to ensure equal and timely access for citizens to high-quality but cost-effective health and social services that are tailored to the individual needs of the client.
    In addition to improving patient safety and containing cost growth, the aim of digitalisation is to ensure the availability of a skilled workforce and reduce the workload of care staff. One focus of the reform is to support independent and safe living in the elder age with the help of new technologies and to maintain the functioning of elderly people living at home.

11:00 am
> Eveline Prochaska, BSc MSc & > DI Martin Morandell
Digital Skills & Competences for care 4.0
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    Together with our students we accompany the sessions to identify which competences and skills are required by the future stakeholders to realize CARE 4.0. The best solutions can drive the highest impact if all involved parties are able to get the maximum out of the solutions. Where are actions needed and how can we identify them?

Digitalization Block 2

01:30 pm
> DI Maria Fellner, MBA
BRAINMEE - Practice makes life
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    In the interactive lecture, an innovative app for activating cognitive performance will be presented. In addition, experiences with digital solutions for older people will be shared with the audience and current research results in this field will be presented.

Digitalization Block 3

02:10 pm
> FH-Prof. Dr. Stefanie Wöhl
Mobile care in the digital transformation

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    The lecture deals with the results of a research project in which the work processes in mobile care in an organisation were examined to what extent digital apps can facilitate everyday care and digital applications can be expanded. Through interviews with nursing staff, the IT department and supervisors, various processes were analysed that became more important during the Covid pandemic and which should benefit the nursing staff as users.
02:40 pm
> Karin Urthaler
Digital & Motivated - 3 Simple Strategies to Increase Employee Satisfaction and Workflow Quality
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    How managers can use simple strategies and digital tools to increase employee satisfaction and quality of work - away from a top-down culture towards open teamwork at eye level.
03:05 pm
> DI Werner Koele, MBA
The future of care: SteadyTemp® case study
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    The challenges of an ageing society can only be compensated for by digital transformation.
    Smart, digital solutions not only facilitate daily routines, but can also detect potential diseases at an early stage.



30. September 2022

Digitalization Block 4

10:30 am
> Lüder Sachse
From products to solutions – how to transform a company into the digital age
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    Lüder has been passionate about digital change and technology for his whole life and has been working across several industries.
    At HARTMANN he is the head of Digital Business and drives the development of Digital Solutions for customers in close collaboration with all internal divisions. As many other companies HARTMANN is in the middle of this change program and he will tell you about the journey as well as best practices and key learnings along the way.

11:00 am
>  Mag. Dr. Elisabeth Dokalik-Jonak & > OA Dr. Agnes Pirker-Kees
Dementia and digital training
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    Connection of different dementia diseases and hurdles of digital training.
11:30 am
> Martin Lichtenberger & Andreas Diensthuber
Digitally supported and forward-looking resource management (in times of skills shortages)
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    In times of a rapidly worsening shortage of skilled workers and at the same time increasing (demographically induced) demand for care services in the health system, adequate control instruments are an essential component of sustainable resource management. Daphos is a data-based and AI-supported platform for the digital support of planning and control processes. The aim is to ensure stable and attractive working conditions and, at the same time, stability of care by means of a forward-looking and performance-oriented distribution of the required resources and taking into account a competence-appropriate deployment of the professional groups.