Programme WORKshops



Your feedback is needed at the 4 WORKshops! They take place at the same time as the four blocks in the NetLabs and give you the opportunity to actively contribute your expertise to ongoing research and development projects.


WORKshops will take place in the "WORKshop Area" in Main Hall D.



29 September 2022

WORKshop Block 1

10:00 am     -11:20 am
> DI Maria Fellner, MBA & DI Stephan Spat
Digitally supported, holistic training to activate cognitive performance in the older age - possibilities and challenges in practice
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    In this workshop, a concrete use case will be used to show how a software solution contributes to support and relief in care. The focus will be on digitalisation, a practical application example and the support of decisions based on generated data. In a World Café, the innovation aspects will be discussed with regard to the service offer in care and nursing, digitalisation and technology as well as processes in the organisation. The results will be presented at the end of the workshop.

WORKshop Block 2

01:00 pm   -14:00 pm
> Dr. Christian Baumgartner & FH-Prof. Dr. Paul Brandl 
How nursing staff can be optimally relieved with digitalised patient-specific reblistering of medicines
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    The manual dispensing of medicines in care facilities is time-consuming. The outsourcing of this activity requires digitalisation and data transfer to the supplying pharmacy without media interruption - this frees up time for working with the patients.

    Examples of the introduction of this "digitalised blistering" from the perspective of those involved and the resulting advantages for carers will be presented.
    This workshop is primarily for home and care service managers as well as executives who would like to use the service of new blistering in the near future.

WORKshop Block 3

02:10 pm   -15:30 pm
>  Dr. Markus Leser
Change in competence: without nursing homes into the future?

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    In this workshop, the contents of the presentation in the NetLab Leadership & Management by Markus Leser will be deepened. The participants are asked to actively contribute their views from their working environment and design the successor model of today's homes. What could it look like, what is its mission and how should its content be designed? We would like to draw on the diverse experiences of the participants and use them to our advantage. The focus is not on what is holding us back, but on what and how changes can succeed.

    According to the motto: together we shape the future, at the end of the workshop we will have a draft model for the design of future long-term care.


30 September 2022

WORKshop Block 4

10:30 am    -11:50 am
 < Hany Rooze   Ben Natan Ofir
AgeTechSystem Workshop
Creating the Age-Tech Ecosystem (E)
This workshop will be held in English.
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    Do you want to hear how to accelerate innovation and technological solutions to the challenges of aging?
    Are you interested in:

    • Understanding why and how an AgeTech ecosystem is so crucial?
    • Optimal use of technology to address challenges of aging.
    • How to create standards for better digital services and interfaces for older adults?
    • How to help students, who are the future engineers or future social workers, better understand the challenges of aging and create better solutions?

    If you answered yes to one of the above questions – you will want to hear the story of our AgeTech Ecosystem in Israel, and you are invited to the workshop we will hold at the CARE 4.0 congress.
    Technology plays an increasingly significant role in creating solutions for optimal aging.
    An AgeTech ecosystem that includes cross-sectoral stakeholders from government, public and private sectors, together with entrepreneurs, academics, researchers, and the older adults themselves - helps to create innovative and adapted solutions for the challenges of aging.

    The workshop will highlight practical tools for developing a work plan for creating an infrastructure for an AgeTech ecosystem. The workshop is geared towards participants from the government, local municipalities, public sector, entrepreneurs, third sector, NGOs and more.

    The workshop will cover:

    • How an AgeTech ecosystem contributes to the various stakeholders.
    • The conditions needed to create a successful ecosystem.
    • Relevant stakeholders in the ecosystem.
    • The challenges in implementing an AgeTech ecosystem.
    • Practical tools for developing a work plan for creating an initial infrastructure for the ecosystem, which is designed with participants' input.
    • Relevant adaptation to the local political, economic, and cultural environment.
    • Success stories – Ideas and products developed in the ecosystems.
    • Dos and don'ts – Tips from experience.


E - WORKshop held in English