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Care facilities assume responsibility towards our society in many ways - future-oriented, sustainable and viable. Discover and think new for your facility!





29 September 2022

Sustainable Systems Block 1

10:00 am
> Felix Gottwald
Shaping health instead of managing illness
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    Felix Gottwald invites you to be part of the solution and support movement regardless of age or condition. "There is no medicine that does what exercise is capable of doing!" This is exactly why the concept of feelgood benefit especially supports older people in improving, maintaining or regaining their mobility, strength and thus their physical and mental health in a simple, safe and low-threshold way through twelve automated devices. This benefits not only the residents, but also their relatives and your staff.
10:20 am
> Robert Kreindl & > Markus Wendlinger 
The role of modern companies and SDGs in today's world: What contribution do the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals make in this context?
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    At what speed is the sustainable transformation taking place? Is it a revolution or rather an evolution? And what role do the SDGs - Sustainable Development Goals - play in this context? We will be looking for answers to these exciting questions together and will also show examples of solutions using hollu Systemhygiene GmbH as a model.

10:50 am
> Mag. Martin Bodenstorfer, MBA
How sustainable thinking could solve problems
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    Studies show how the issue of staffing in the care sector is becoming increasingly critical. Care organisations need to reposition themselves to be sustainably successful in the labour market. The term sustainability is one that is currently on everyone's lips. How sustainability (thought of more broadly than just green power) could help the care sector solve its staffing problem is addressed in this paper.

Sustainable Systems Block 2

01:30 pm
> David Stevens
Aged Care at the Heart of the Health Ecosytem (E)
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    Driving innovation and improvement through international collaboration, technology and developmental standards will be important to ensure aged care meets the expectations of future users, advocates, providers and attracts talented and engaged employees.
    The Health Ecosystem is made up of many parts. We discuss how to evaluate the new Models of integrated care using Standards frameworks, and Technology towards an integrated solution to improve the lives of all involved.
    We have been working on an international set of benchmarks for application in Europe and other areas to use as a rigorous and ongoing framework to drive progressive innovation and collaboration for both the housing plus care and long-term care sectors.

Sustainable Systems Block 3

02:10 pm
> Mélanie Leblay
Maison Gourmande et Responsable : a collaborative project for a sustainable catering in elderly care in France (E)
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    To tackle food waste and malnutrition in nursing homes, which patterns Catering has to take into account to design sustainable solutions and enhance residents satisfaction about mealtimes?
    This talk will summarize the key findings of the French project Maison Gourmande et Responsable carried out during two years among 136 facilities.

02:40 pm
> Assoz.Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Reitinger

Green: Cool & Care - Opportunities and Challenges of Greening in Nursing and Care Centres

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    Plants work. Against the backdrop of climate change on the one hand and the person-centred approach of "focusing on people" on the other, innovative greening solutions are being implemented in several nursing and care centres in Lower Austria. In coordination with the needs, wishes and requirements of the people who live, reside and work in the care and nursing centres, greening will be established.

    Project consortium: Vienna University of Technology (project management), Institute for Nursing Science, University of Vienna, B-NK GmbH, Büro für nachhaltige Kompetenz, Dipl.-Ing. Ralf Dopheide e.U, Office of the Lower Austrian Provincial Government - Department of Provincial Clinics and Provincial Care Centres, PBZ St. Pölten, PBZ Tulln, PBZ Stockerau, PBZ Wolkersdorf

    Project funding: Climate & Energy Fund, Smart Cities Demo - Living Urban Innovation

03:10 pm
> Dr. Rainer Planinc

Sustainability and artificial intelligence - (not) a contradiction?

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    Sustainability, especially in care, means to a high percentage also the better use of resources on all levels. For example, fall sensors combine numerous functions of conventional care support systems, which significantly reduces the workload in everyday care.

    We show how the use of smart care solutions in the area of fall prevention and detection can save enormous costs and at the same time increase the safety and independence of the residents.

30 September 2022

Sustainable Systems Block 4

10:30 Uhr
> Dan Levitt, MSc CHE
Technology Solutions: Answering the Call for Sustainability in the Face of Staff Shortages while enhancing quality of care and life (E)
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    With unprecedented pressures on the health human resources technological innovations solutions from staff scheduling to home health monitoring to artificial intelligence nurse call systems, to robotics are addressing the current challenges in eldercare. 
    This session will leave delegates with a road map for a information technology plan to enhance care operations and desired quality outcomes.

11:00 Uhr
>  Prof. Dr. Gerd Hartinger MPH & > Arch. DI Dietger Wissounig
Sustainable Architecture Projects - GGZ
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    • Building nursing homes sustainably and with a green footprint (typologies)
    • Timber construction as a good alternative
    • Energy management leads to success (discuss evidence)
    • Environmental management and against waste in long-term care
    • this on the example of a nursing home operator who has won several awards (Green Building, Geramb-Rose, Baukulturpreis, Architektur- und Holzbaupreis
11:30 Uhr
> Aad Koster
Vision: Long Term Care 2030 (E)
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    We are facing major challenges and changes - that is why EAN set up a working group with the task of developing a VISION 2030 for long-term care in Europe. The aim was to discuss the key issues, data and information in order to highlight the ongoing changes and make recommendations to service providers on their future direction.
    With the LTC Vision 2030, we want to stimulate professional dialogue between national associations and national authorities on the necessary upcoming changes. But we also want to support providers in their daily planning and strategic goals.


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