Elisabeth Krön

Mag. Elisabeth Krön

Moderator, organisational developer and actress

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    As a moderator, Elisabeth Krön specialises in activating large groups, through icebreakers that spontaneously create a good mood, through creative techniques that activate and enable a positive experience and support networking.
    She works with variety, movement and humour to increase the receptiveness of the audience and support new encounters. For events that stay in the memory for a long time.

    In addition to moderating events and retreats, she teaches, leads improvisational theatre and acting workshops.

© Image: Ann-Birgit Höller



Theo Boer

Prof. Dr. Theo Boer

"We only want to preserve what is autonomous, can be enjoyed, can contribute to the economy and is healthy. Everything that does not correspond to this gets into a danger zone. This attitude will come back at us like a boomerang at some point."

The health ethicist became known to us through his statements on assisted suicide.

Let's take a look at old age and our responsibility as a society together with Theo Boer.

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    Theo Boer was born in Rotterdam in 1960 and studied theology in Utrecht and Uppsala. He received his doctorate in 1997 and was appointed lecturer in Christian ethics at Utrecht University in 2001.ybr> He was a member of a regional control committee for euthanasia in the Netherlands, held an associate professorship in medical ethics at the Theological University of Kampen, and since 2019 has been professor of ethics at the Protestantse Theologische Universiteit Groningen and visiting professor of the history of ethics at the University of Sunderland, as well as director of the research project 'Ethiek van het levenseinde' (Protestantse Theologische Universiteit Groningen).
    Since 2018, member of the "Gezondheidsraad", the Dutch government's main advisory body on public health.



Laura Dekker

Laura Dekker

She is the youngest female sailor ever to sail around the world alone. With her sailing trip, which she pushed through against many odds, she became a role model for courage and commitment and showed how to make one's dreams come true and conquer the world.

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    While her peers were out shopping in malls, Laura Dekker bought her first sailboat and prepared for the biggest adventure of her life. In 2010, Laura set out to sail around the world - on her own. Eighteen months and more than 27,000 miles later, at the age of 16, she became the youngest person ever to sail around the world alone. In this keynote, Laura talks about her amazing circumnavigation and the obstacles she had to overcome during and even before the trip, such as struggling to convince the Dutch child welfare and government that she was capable of doing it. The many adventures she had along the way taught her experiences she would never have learned at school, which she is happy to share with her audience, telling how it changed her life and what she makes of it now.



Anja Förster

Anja Förster

"The future of care needs courageous designers who dare to do something and are willing to break down encrusted structures and think in a new way."

Anja Förster is a bestselling author, entrepreneur and founder of Rebels at Work. Her work focuses on the rules of tomorrow's economy www.foerster-kreuz.com .

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    "Like a match that lights others" - Financial Times.

    For many years, Anja Förster has been speaking about the departure into a new world of work and life. In front of large audiences or even small leadership circles, she moves people to free themselves from thinking patterns, to take off blinkers and to leave well-trodden paths. Anja Förster wants to open the minds of the audience - to see the world through different eyes. Best practice examples, tangible takeaways and a pinch of humour serve this purpose above all.



Jiří Horecký

Ing. Jiří Horecký, Ph.D., MBA

Pesident of European Ageing Network, Chairman of Global Ageing Network and the President of the Association of social services providers, Czech Republic.



Andrea Kdolsky

Dr. Andrea Kdolsky, MBA

Former Austrian Minister of Health
Head of Department, Department of Health; Head of the Institute for Health Sciences at the University of Applied Sciences St. Pölten



Brandin Mc Cormack

Brendan George McCormack

D.Phil (Oxon.), BSc (Hons.), FRCN, FEANS, FRCSI, PGCEA, RMN, RGN, FAAN


Head of the Departments of Nursing, Paramedicine, Occupational Therapy and Art Therapies and Associate Director of the Centre for Person Centred Practice Research at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh; various professorships around the world - from Norway to South Africa

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    In 2014, Sigma Theta Tau International listed Brendan G. McCormack in the International Nurse Researcher Hall of Fame and in the Thomson Reuters 3000 Most Influential Researchers in the World. In 2015, he was named an "Inspirational Nursing Leader" by Nursing Times (British nursing magazine) and in 2019 he was included in the "Top 100 outstanding nurses" by the Twitter group #wenurses.

    His research focus is on person-centred work with a particular emphasis on the development of person-centred concepts, practices and processes. Although he has particular expertise in gerontology and dementia practice, his work spans all disciplines and is multi-professional.
    For more information, please visit www.cpcpr.org.



Katie Smith Sloan

Katie Smith Sloan


Executive Director of the Global Ageing Network, an international community of individuals and organizations committed to quality of life for people as they age.

President & CEO of LeadingAge, a U.S.-based national organization representing not-for-profit community-based organizations providing services to people as they age.



Christian Baumgartner

Dr. Christian Baumgartner


Managing Director of MEDventuro GmbH
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    Dr. Christian Baumgartner (*1975) studied chemistry at the University of Vienna and worked in the pharmaceutical industry. Since 2012 in the field of reblistering, he became the managing director of MEDventuro GmbH in 2020 when it was founded. Among other things, projects such as the reblistering of narcotic drugs and the introduction of reblistering in mobile geriatric care were implemented.



Ben Natan Ofir

Ofir Ben Natan


Head of Gerontechnology – Technology for Older Adults
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    Over the past eight years, Ofir has served as the head of the Gerontechnology area (Technologies for Older Adults) at JDC-Eshel. His involvement in this field includes the creation of the 'Aging IL Innovation Community', initiating and implementing hackathons and conferences in the field of aging and technology, developing and teaching Gerontechnology academic courses in colleges and universities, and mentoring social and technology entrepreneurs, to promote and accelerate the development of responses to the challenges of aging. Ofir is a graduate of Film and Photography Collage in Tel Aviv, and also specialized in computer systems analysis, with many years of experience in the field.

    JDC is a government partnership established in 1969 in the development and implementation of services for older adults in Israel.



Martin Bodenstorfer

Mag. Martin Bodenstorfer, MBA


Managing Director, Strategy and Transactions, Contrast EY-Parthenon, Austria
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    As Managing Director of Contrast EY-Parthenon, Martin Bodenstorfer, MBA accompanies strategy and reorganisation projects in public administration and at NPOs in Austria and Germany. He is an expert in consulting and strategic reorientation of public companies and institutions, church and trade union social organisations, Red Cross associations and organisations at the interface of care and health. Prior to that, Martin Bodenstorfer worked for a consulting firm specialising in international retail groups. He enjoys advising public administration, social and health care organisations and blue light organisations in complex situations. "Building a better working world" - this is how Martin Bodenstorfer contributes to our mission. "Through my work with rescue organisations, large social service providers and children's hospitals, I have actively contributed with my turnaround projects in recent years to ensuring that these institutions can continue to deliver their positive impact on society. It is important to me to create a working atmosphere where people are the focus and we work with the client as equals."



Paul Brandl

FH-Prof. Dr. Paul Brandl 


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    FH Prof. Dr. Paul Brandl taught at the FH Upper Austria Campus Linz, Department of Health, Social and Public Management in the areas of organisation and quality management. He teaches at various universities and consults in the field of social economy.
    His research interests include process and quality management as well as modern service development.




Adelheid Bruckmüller

Mag. Adelheid Bruckmüller


Managing Director IBG - Institut für Bildungim Gesundheitsdienst GmbH,

E-Qalin trainer; ÖGCC certified trainer, facilitator of IBG learning walks

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    Studies in business administration (focus on organisation and human resources), University of Linz; team and organisational development (W. Pechtl); meditation leader (Europakloster, St. Gilgen); systemic consultant (B. Schmid), Wiesloch; EFQM assessor; training in psychodrama (ÖAGG);



Andreas Diensthuber

Andreas Diensthuber


founder and managing director of Daphos;
- with many years of experience as a consultant in the health sector (focus on organisational models and staffing needs)



Elisabeth Dokalik-Jonak

Mag. Dr. Elisabeth Dokalik-Jonak


Managing Director Memocorby Systems GmbH



Thomas Dorner

Priv.-Doz. Dr. Thomas E. Dorner, MPH

Head of the Research and Teaching Unit and Scientific Director of the Academy for Age Research in the Haus der Barmherzigkeit

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    Thomas E. Dorner has been Head of the Research and Teaching Staff Unit and Scientific Director of the Academy for Ageing Research at the Haus der Barmherzigkeit since August 2022. On the side, he works at the Department of Social and Preventive Medicine in the Centre for Public Health at the Medical University of Vienna, where he was previously an associate professor. Since 2012, he has been President of the Austrian Society for Public Health and on the Board of the European Public Health Association. Since 2013, Thomas Dorner has been a Guest Researcher at the Karolinska Institutet, Section of Insurance Medicine in Stockholm. In 2020, he founded the Karl Landsteiner Institute for Health Promotion Research, which he has headed ever since.

    His research focuses on public health disciplines such as health promotion research, health services research, gerontology, diversity research, social determinants of health, health effects of lifestyle and social aspects of chronic diseases, as well as determinants of workability and work disability.



Heidrun Faninger-Lund

Dr.med. Heidrun Faninger-Lund


Dr. med. (University of Vienna), Specialist in Psychiatry and General Medicine (University of Helsinki)
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    • Senior Specialist in Psychotherapy
    • Medical Officer Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs (BMEIA, Helsinki).
    • Many years of experience as a primaria and
    • consulting psychiatrist with a focus on value-based health care and processes



Angelika Feichtner

Angelika Feichtner, MSc (Palliative Care), DGKP

Author, Member of the Ethics Group of the Austrian Palliative Society (OPG)



Maria Fellner

DI Maria Fellner, MBA


Managing Director and co-founder of DIGITAAL life, Vice-President of AAL AUSTRIA, Lecturer at imc FH Krems for Innovation and Technology in Healthcare



Felix Gottwald

Felix Gottwald

Austria's most successful Olympic athlete, health scientist and co-founder of feelgood benefit

 © Image: Christine Höflehner

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    Felix Gottwald shares in an inspiring way his experiences as the operator of the feelgood movement studio Zell am See and as co-founder of feelgood-benefit. This places itself at the service of care facilities, senior residences, health centres as well as communities and municipalities. feelgood benefit contributes to movement and encounter and thus to dignified ageing and also makes your facility an attractive employer. Who, if not us, and when, if not now?



Gerd Hartinger

Prof. Dr. Gerd Hartinger MPH


Managing Director of the Geriatric Health Centres of the City of Graz
© Image: Furgler (Graz)



Werner Koele

DI Werner Koele, MBA


CEO & Founder SteadySense GmbH



Aad Koster

Aad Koster


1st statutory vice-president of EAN

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    "We’re living challengeing times and when we get older, we want to get old in dignity. The focus of ageing in place is to help older people ensure they can live where they choose and get any help they need for as long as they can. So they can live their own life in their own way.

    The European Ageing Network (EAN) groups services providers that enable ageing in place. Be it in a residential setting, or in the community. Because EAN members understand that older people have their own choice and preferences. And that they’re all looking for a careful place that they can call their home.

    The challenges ahead are numeous to realise ageing in place. There is a lack of carers, infrastructure is not always apt to provide attractive and careful homes and if there would be enough hands to help and if there were suitable homes, then there would be a lack of money to finance it.

    But EAN is optimistic. Innovation will bring us hybrid settings and financing instruments that allow us to creatively respond to the needs of older people and make ageing in place available and affordable.
    I’m happy and proud to be in a leadership position to steer and to accelerate this needed innovation within EAN. Together, we have the will, the capacity, and the knowledge to respond to the needs of our older people."



Robert Kreindl

Robert Kreindl


Sales Manager hollu Systemhygiene GmbH
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    Since 1995, Mr. Kreindl has been facing the challenges of cleaning, hygiene and well-being as well as values in the health and social sector and public administrations. At the beginning, he worked as a direct consultant on site with users and decision-makers, and later as a trainer in the hollu Academy, where he was responsible for imparting knowledge. Since 2010, Robert Kreindl has been responsible for Austria-wide sales management in the target groups of healthcare and public administration, education and teaching.

    In 2018, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations became the basis of hollu's corporate strategy and provide orientation in everyday work. The vision of "ensuring a future worth living for the next generations" is both an inspiration and a motivation for our daily work.



Robert Lampl

Mag. Wilhelm Robert Lampl


Business psychologist, management consultant



Freek Lapre

Dr. Freek Lapré RN (np) MCM CMC


Chairman of the European Centre for Research and Education in Ageing Services (ECREAS)



Mélanie Leblay

Mélanie Leblay


Project Manager in Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainable Development, FNAQPA



Markus Leser

Dr.phil Markus Leser


Managing Director CURAVIVA, Switzerland

and  Book author



Dan Levitt

Dan Levitt, MSc CHE


Chief Executive Officer, KinVillage
Board Member, International Federation on Ageing; Board Member, CommonAge



Martin Lichtenberger

Martin Lichtenberger


founder and managing director of Daphos;
- with many years of experience as a consultant in the health sector (focus on organisational models and staffing needs)



Eva Katharina Masel

Univ.-Prof. Priv.-Doz. DDr. Eva Katharina Masel, MSc


Head of the Clinical Department of Palliative Medicine, Chair and Professorship of Palliative Medicine at Vienna General Hospital, Medical University of Vienna, Specialist in Internal Medicine, Specialisation in Palliative Medicine, Board Member of the Austrian Palliative Society



Hanna Mayer

Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Hanna Mayer

Qualified health and nursing professional and professor of nursing science;
Head of the Department of Nursing Science at Karl Landsteiner Private University for Health Sciences

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    Since 2022 she has been head of the Department of Nursing Science with a focus on Person-Centred Care & Dementia Care Research at Karl Landsteiner Private University for Health Sciences.
    Her work and research focuses on person-centred care, age-related care, research methodology (especially qualitative research) theory development and research ethics.



Josef Missethon

Dr. Josef Missethon, MSc MEd Mag.

Talent & Care Professionals-Recruitment GmbH

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    "The shortage of skilled nursing staff requires sustainable cooperation with other continents."

    Josef Missethon has many years of practical experience with the integration of people from other cultures, specifically with the intercontinental placement and immigration of highly qualified nursing professionals.  The continuous process chain is the key to sustainable success.


    He has received several national and international awards for his integration projects, including the UN Public Service Award. In addition to implementing international mobility projects, he is a speaker on the topics of "Solutions for the Skills Shortage" and "Values".



Martin Morandell

DI Martin Morandell


CEO & Founder of Smart in Life e.U.
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    For more than 20 years active in the field of smart & assistive technology in research, education and application.
    At the health university of applied sciences he is responsible for smart care-, cure & health technologies.
    He teaches at several institutions and runs his own company Smart in Life e.U.



Tibor Pap

Tibor Pap


Managing Director WiBU Österreich GmbH



Agnes Pirker-Kees

OA Dr.in Agnes Pirker-Kees


Neurologist, Head of the Memory Clinic at Hietzing Hospital



Rainer Planinc

Dr. Rainer Planinc


CEO of Cogvis Software und Consulting GmbH
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    Cogvis was founded in 2007 as a spin-off of TU Wien. As experts in intelligent 3D sensors (computer vision, deep learning, AI), we have been focusing on digital care solutions since 2017. CogvisAI is a module-based care system that offers solutions in the areas of fall detection, fall prevention, absence detection and dementia. By using our 3D sensors, 50% of falls can be prevented and repetitive sources of falls can be eliminated, for a safer and healthier life for our elderly companions.



Eveline Prochaska

Eveline Prochaska, BSc MSc


City of Vienna Endowed Chair for Healthcare Engineering
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    City of Vienna Endowed Professor of Healthcare Engineering since 2021.
    Has been teaching for many years at the University of Applied Sciences Campus Vienna in the Department of Technology in the field of informatics and specifically in medical informatics. Her main research interests are in interdisciplinary projects.



Elisabeth Reitinger

Assoz. Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Reitinger


Institute of Nursing Science, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Vienna;
Psychologist, social scientist and economist
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    Habilitation in palliative care and organisational research;
    Research and teaching on palliative care in old age, ethical decisions in care for the elderly, communication with people with dementia, gender aspects of care



Hany Rooze

Hany Rooze


Business Development Manager, JDC-Eshel
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    Hany is responsible for managing strategic partnerships with international and local organizations and NGOs worldwide, and for resource development and knowledge sharing. Hany has extensive experience in developing programs, NGO's, communities and initiatives that improve the quality of life for Israeli older adults and disadvantaged populations.

    In both her professional and personal life, Hany is dedicated to helping Israeli society respond to the complex challenges that are emerging due to the aging of its population across the many distinct cultures and communities.



Lüder Sachse

Lüder Sachse


CDO Paul Hartmann AG



Margit Schaefer

Mag. Dr. Margit Schäfer


Teacher in nursing and further education and with managers, lecturer at universities of applied sciences in Innsbruck and Bad Gleichenberg, crisis coach and systemic management consultant in health organisations



Marcel Smeets

Marcel Smeets

Executive Consultant



Stephan Spat

DI Stephan Spat

Technical director (CTO) of DIGITAAL life, co-founder of decide Clinical Software GmbH, external lecturer at the Medical University of Graz in the field of "Sustainable Health Research"



Martin Sprenger

Dr. Martin Sprenger, MPH


Physician and health scientist;
Head of the university course in Public Health at the Medical University of Graz, freelance management consultant, teaching at various university and university of applied sciences courses, collaboration and management of various health projects.



David Stevens

David Stevens


Founder and CEO, Standards Wise International Pty Ltd

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    "I am motivated by the impact we have on our clients and those supporting them - how many people we reach and how well they are served”.

    A leading global standards developer and advocate, specialising in Senior living, Elderly care and human services, I champion better outcomes for the Elderly, and for those in our communities more vulnerable or with fewer resources, while being at the forefront of global change towards improving the lives of the Elderly using AI and technology-based tools."



Theater am Bahnhof

Theatre at Graz Station &
Association for the Promotion of Quality in Care for Older People - NQZ


© Image: Johannes Gellner



Andrea Udl

Mag. Andrea Udl, MA


Head of the Academy for Social Management, trainer and coach with a focus on appearance and presentation, communication, personality and leadership development, keynote speaker and moderator

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    Mater studies "Rhetoric and Communication" (University of Regensburg), further training in project management (Primas), group dynamics, theme-centred interaction and organisational development (Trigon/Syst)



Karin Urthaler

Karin Urthaler


Expert for internal communication and digital knowledge and process optimisation in care at medikit, Austria
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    Karin Urthaler studied nursing science with a focus on management at Med Uni Graz. During her many years as an employee in the nursing directorate of a private provider of homes for the elderly, she focused on the areas of reorganisation and restructuring of homes for the elderly, QM and the implementation of electronic nursing documentation. Always having an affinity for technical solutions, Karin became part of the medikit team in 2021. Her goal is to simplify the daily work of teams in long-term care with the help of a digital communication platform and thus establish a more sustainable use of staff resources.



Markus Wendlinger

Markus Wendlinger


Managing Director Sales & Service
Authorised signatory
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    Responsible for Sales & Service at hollu Systemhygiene GmbH and, as an expert in sales and customer service, has been involved for more than 12 years with the challenges of designing and implementing hygiene, cleaning process and legal security in the care sector and all other areas of professional cleaning and hygiene.

    Sustainability is an essential part of hollu's corporate DNA. Since 2018, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations have been the basis of hollu's corporate strategy and provide orientation and meaning in everyday work.



Dietger Wissounig

Architect DI Dietger Wissounig


Graduate engineer for architecture, Graz; state-authorised and sworn civil engineer;
Managing Director Dietger Wissounig Architects

© Image: Lupi Spuma



Stefanie Wöhl

FH-Prof. Dr. Stefanie Wöhl


Professor of Political Science and holds the Jean Monnet Chair "Diversity and Social Cohesion in the European Union" in the degree programme European Economic and Business Management at the University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna