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29 September 2022

Leadership & Management Block 1

10:00 am
> Dan Levitt, MSc CHE
Front Line Leadership: Nurse management education on leading care teams. (E)
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    This session will deliver practical, hands-on tools to use in the context of the nurses as leaders in aged care. Using current and leading practices in adult learning principles with a focus on interaction and participant engagement to support professional development of front-line staff.
10:40 am
> Mag. Andrea Udl, MA & > Mag. Adelheid Bruckmüller
The new EAN-Certificate – Development in professional Leadership-Competence
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    Adelheid Bruckmüller (IBG) and Andrea Udl (ASOM) will talk about the special features and opportunities of the new curriculum, give an insight into their more than 30 years of experience in working with leaders and an outlook on planned developments and cooperations that could enable the academisation of the certificate.

Leadership & Management Block 2

01:30 pm
> Dr. Markus Leser
Change in competence: without nursing homes into the future?
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    Not only since Corona has it been clear that the care facility industry must change. One of the biggest phases of change is just around the corner. How do we shape it and what competences do we provide for it are questions that challenge us. Markus Leser will present the necessary steps from the point of view of the branch association Curaviva Switzerland, from his point of view as a gerontologist and from the point of view of a family member and offer them for discussion.

Leadership & Management Block 3

02:10 pm
> Theatre at Graz Station & NQZ
Quality in the Spotlight
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    The Association for the Support of Quality in the Care of the Elderly and the Theater im Bahnhof Graz put the spotlight on the commitment of the elderly and nursing homes to ageing worth living in an unconventional, creative and entertaining way. The audience is the director - experts from elderly people's homes and nursing homes who provide impulses for a colourful programme that is spontaneously staged by actors and musicians.
03:10 pm
> Mag. Dr. Margit Schäfer
Change is good, but not enough. Why a resilient
future needs more than change.

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    Taking up the motto of the congress - "Let's shape the future together" - Ms. Schäfer's lecture deals with futurology and shaping the future in the care sector. Futurology itself assumes that we do not have one future, but futures - and thus alternatives. This leads to the question "What future would we like to have - for care, for the company, for our own age?" and what contribution can managers in health care organisations make so that this future becomes reality?

    Trigger Warning:: In this lecture, thought experiments will be carried out where there is a risk that they could possibly have lasting consequences - these consequences are explicitly desired. :-)

30 September 2022

Leadership & Management Block4

10:30 am
> Mag. Wilhelm Robert Lampl
Relationship management in leadership: binding instead of finding
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    What currently unites almost all sectors and therefore companies and is still still massively increasing -
    The urgent desire for stability in teams and the permanent search for qualified employees!
    THE solution in the next 30 minutes - authentic Relationship Management - Ownership, Positive Environment, Focus on strengths and trust - complex and simple at the same time!
11:10 am
>  Dr. Josef Missethon, MSc MEd Mag.
Recruiting nursing professionals outside Europe - opportunities and challenges in practice
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    Due to the demographic development, the gap in skilled workers in the field of care will continue to increase in the coming years. Complementary to the measures in the Austrian labour market, qualified immigration is therefore needed to keep the working-age population stable. In this contribution you will get a lot of practical knowledge and learn the dos and don'ts on how the immigration of highly qualified care professionals from outside Europe to Austria can succeed.


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